Designing yacht interiors with Sunseeker

Over the years, Sunseeker has established a reputation for creating handcrafted yachts which are renowned for their extraordinary finish and artistry.  Founded in 1993, Sunseeker is a company with a fascinating heritage that champions the very best of superior British design…

Back in 1969, in the English seaside town of Poole, two brothers had a vision of building a new kind of boat. They saw a unique opportunity to fulfil their customers’ dreams by using novel materials and innovative technology to tailor the design process.

At the time, there weren’t any significant boat builders around for the sport and leisure markets in the UK. Having negotiated a deal to acquire the boat moulds from the US company, Owners Cruises, the Braithwaite brothers now had a huge challenge on their hands. They wanted to build a boat that no-one else had seen before…

The start of something big

The first boats that the company produced were small open-cockpit speedboats with deep chine hulls. By 1972, the Braithwaite brothers were exhibiting at the London Boat Show with a range that included a striking new 23ft model.

By chance, the Formula One driver, Henry Taylor, absolutely fell in love with the boat, but wanted to incorporate a completely unique feature – a full width sun bed. In true Sunseeker style, the team showed no limits and set about designing the new boat specifically for Mr Taylor. Riding this wave of early triumph, the company was perfectly positioned to fulfil the demands of the growing day cruiser market. They launched the Sports 23 and the Daycab 23 – the first boat to carry the new Sunseeker name.

Sunseekers were exceptionally popular in the UK and northern Europe, but the Braithwaites were determined to break into unchartered waters and hit the Mediterranean market. By employing the skills of boat designer, Don Shead, the Offshore 28 came into being. The model combined the comfort of a cruiser with the twin driver power and hull lines of an offshore racer and set the precedence for performance standards and luxurious styles attributed to the brand. The Offshore 28 was Sunseeker’s first big boat and won sales in the South of France, Spain, and Germany, leading to the launch of Sunseeker International.

Now, over half a century onwards, Sunseeker International has a worldwide network of over 80 retail and service locations, exporting over 140 boats a year to more than 45 countries. Still, Sunseeker’s passion to seek perfection and exceed boundaries remains stronger than ever and it now has a dedicated team of over 2,000 highly skilled designers, engineers and master craftsmen to realise these goals.

Sunseeker London

In 1993, David Lewis and Christopher Head set up an independent organisation for the sale of Sunseeker Boats: Sunseeker London. With the global growth of the Sunseeker brand, David and Chris set up the Sunseeker London Group to dominate the European sales market – one that they knew would be a success.

“David, Chris, and the team are instrumental in bringing the Sunseeker business to where it is today.” Robert Braithwaite, Sunseeker Founder

Today, Sunseeker London is the largest distributor network of Sunseeker boats worldwide, which year on year sells over 60% of the Sunseeker production. Located in Mayfair, they cater for an international clientele, distributing exceptional Sunseeker motor yachts which range from 38ft to 161ft.

With 41 offices based across 20 countries, the Sunseeker London Group is now the official and exclusive distributor for Sunseeker products in the UK. It also plays a major part in the European and North African markets, allowing the group to have a centralised support network. Their award-winning customer service is second to none, with a team of engineers on standby to fly out at the drop of a hat to clients across Europe.

Exceptional British craftsmanship

Individuality is at the heart of the Sunseeker brand, whether it’s designing their luxury motor yachts or offering a tailored service. It is this bespoke approach that results in a completely unique design for each client.

There’s so much more to a yacht design than simply specifying the wood or fabric materials. From the beginning, the design should consider aspects of your personality and lifestyle that will be reflected in your boat.

As part of the design process, Sunseeker encourages clients to visit its factory in Poole, giving them the opportunity to meet the designers, learn about the unique manufacturing techniques, and appreciate the level of quality that puts the Sunseeker brand in a league of its own.

In an age of digital production and automated assembly, Sunseeker stays committed to creating hand built, hand finished boats. Surely there is no better way to craft such an exceptional product inside and out, as the extraordinary detail, finish, and sheer artistry of their yachts can only be achieved by skilled craftsmen. ‘No machine can ever give our boats such spirit, or take such pride in their creation in the way that our staff can,’ explains David.

From floor plans to furnishings, and even on-board water features, their expert interior designers are on hand to support their clients and help them create their unique signature. Most importantly they liaise closely with the client throughout the build process, once they have a good understanding of their style preferences. More than a brand of boat, Sunseeker is a lifestyle and a family.

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