Designing the perfect garden room

All you need to know to design your perfect garden room

Garden rooms have experienced a surge in demand over the past few years as consumers are electing to develop on their existing property rather than moving. A well thought out garden room can help integrate the garden with the rest of the house as well as providing an additional space to entertain, relax or simply offer the chance to get a bit of peace and quiet away from the family. Therefore a good quality garden room can also be seen as a shrewd investment, making the property more desirable and helping to add value.

To get the most out of a garden room it is important to ensure a seamless flow between house and garden. There are several factors that should be considered to help ensure that this is achieved:

  • The natural position for a garden room extension is from the kitchen. This is because with the decline of the formal dining room, the kitchen tends to be the hub of activity for house parties, meals and other entertaining.
  • Ensuring that the patio and garden room floor run at the same where to buy hydrocodone houston tx height can help create a continuous space and folding stacking doors can also be used to optimise the area.
  • External lighting can really illuminate the garden, and also helps amplify the new space. As with any room, the choice of lighting can dramatically alter the atmosphere and the impact the room has on guests.
  • Planting directly by the dwarf walls of the garden room can help soften the appearance on the newly built structure and further integrates it into the garden.
  • Another simple tip is to avoid cluttering the room, or using mismatched furniture. Base the choice of furniture around what the room is to be used for and where possible integrate it in to the decisions you have already made for other adjacent rooms or garden furniture. By using similar style furniture, the rooms will appear to flow well and achieve the desired seamless effect.

Before planning and designing a garden room, it is worth discussing your tastes and lifestyle with an expert to ensure that your garden room is a perfect blend of form and function.