Designing an open plan kitchen

We regularly invite design and interiors experts to write for our blog. Read the latest guest post here, from bespoke kitchen design company Humphrey Munson

At a first glance, it’s easy to assume that planning the layout for a large space is easier than for a small one but that’s not always the case. In order to create a harmonious and calm feel, there are three key considerations:

Humphrey Munson kitchen with island and glazed windows

Firstly, and most importantly, a large open plan kitchen needs to have carefully considered zones in order to satisfy the multi-use requirements of the space and includes cooking, food preparation, dining, entertaining, helping children with homework, having coffee with friends, dealing with emails… For example, in the Ashurst House project, the dining area is in the orangery – a beautiful light and airy space perfect for entertaining which the clients love to do.

Humphrey Munson - Ashurst House dining table in orangery

Secondly, proportion is everything when it comes to layout planning for larger spaces. The kitchen in the Ashurst House project has a large footprint, what with the stunning orangery and high ceilings, so we designed buy hydrocodone pills bespoke extra large freestanding pieces that are perfectly in proportion to the scale of the space. A key piece is the extra large island which acts as a central hub – this is the ultimate multitasking space, suitable as a food prep zone with masses of worktop space, a breakfast area and a social hub too.

Humphrey Munson island with prep sink

Lastly, always consider the sight lines at eye level from key views and entrances and keep visual clutter to a minimum so that the room feels open and spacious. However busy our lives are, it feels so calming to walk in a beautiful designed and uncluttered space.

If you need help designing a beautiful kitchen extension or open plan living space, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our designers.


This blog post was contributed by Humphrey Munson, designer and creator of beautiful handmade kitchens.