Client testimonial: a family orangery with Edwardian charm

Orangery extension designed to complement the Edwardian features of this beautiful property

From time to time, we ask our customers to write for our blog. Here’s Mrs H on how an orangery has enhanced their family home.

When we first moved into our Edwardian home, the property had a long and narrow kitchen that was dark and not the space we needed day to day. As a family, we spend an awful lot of time in the kitchen, so it was important to us to redesign the shape and functionality of this space to better suit our needs.

We put a lot of work into researching images of how we wanted the renovation to look, using magazines, websites, and blogs as inspiration. After putting together several mood boards, I found that most of the images I’d been drawn to were of Westbury products and Humphrey Munson kitchens, so we chose Westbury Garden Rooms for the job – and we’re so glad we did! The quality of the material, craftsmanship, and overall service was commendable, and any teething problems along the way were swiftly resolved.

The hub of our family home

Extending the kitchen back into the main property to create a large, multifunctional space; it’s the place we all gravitate to and where we can now spend quality time together as a family. I work from home, and now spend most of my days in the orangery. It’s such a bright and beautiful environment to work in, and being at the back of the house offers a much-needed privacy, so I can focus on my day without distraction.  

Whilst the orangery is a considerable size, the sense of fluidity it has introduced to the ground floor of the house makes it feel as though we’ve gained even more space than the square footage added. Using the main orangery extension as a dining area has enabled us to make the kitchen the shape we always wanted. It’s a gorgeous environment in which to sit down and dine together as a family as the pitched roof lantern not only looks elegant, but it floods the entire room with cascading, natural light.

Entertaining guests

We find ourselves entertaining more often since the orangery was installed, as it is far more practical to do so.

Where the orangery now sits there were outside table and chairs, which was wonderful in the summer but meant we could only really make use of this area seasonally. Now we can use the space all year round. It’s particularly lovely in the summer when we can throw open the double doors and feel connected with the outdoors, but is equally as pleasant during the colder months, as we still benefit from the ample light and space, and watching the sun as it sets over the orangery is a welcome tonic after a busy day.

Stunning garden views

The best thing about our orangery is the connection it’s created between our home and garden. Before the project, our only view of the garden was via the single back door, which was a real shame as the previous homeowners had gone to a great effort cultivating the outdoor space surrounding the property. Now we have fantastic views and we are able to admire our beautiful garden all year round.

A natural extension

Our property is positioned in the centre of our plot, so rather than having a defined ‘front’ and ‘back’ garden, there is land surrounding the full circumference of the house. One of our main concerns was that the new orangery would look misplaced against the original architecture. Around 18 months before our orangery project, we commissioned Westbury Windows and Joinery to replace the old, existing windows throughout the property. We were impressed by the likeness of the new fixtures to the original windows both in terms of aesthetics and quality, so we knew we were in safe hands.

We love how the orangery perfectly blends in with the rest of the house, and when walking around the plot, the property looks complete from all sides; it really feels like a natural extension of the house.

Originally, our renovation plans were much different, however, I’m so glad we changed our minds when we did, I now can’t imagine our house any other way. Adding the orangery has been the perfect solution and allows us to create stunning garden views, increase natural light, and accommodate our modern family lifestyle, all whilst retaining the period charm of our Edwardian property.