Classic summer shades

Beautifully subtle and complementary to a range of house styles, orangery and garden room extensions painted in lighter shades are timeless, and look idyllic in the summer sun…

Due to the advancements in paint technology, homeowners are no longer afraid of introducing darker hues to their home’s exterior in case the paint peels in the sun. Now with the right microporous products, homeowners can give their extensions a new identity by embracing bolder colours. We’ve seen a big rise in orangeries and garden rooms painted in slate greys, blacks, and navy – which absolutely packs a punch and makes a bold statement.

If you are thinking of embracing this new colour trend then, providing your chosen shade is well suited to your style of property, we recommend taking the leap because you will not be disappointed. Richer, deeper colour palettes might seem bold but for bright and airy extensions with large windows, they add an intriguing depth. The look will bring contrast and definition to the architecture of your home and will capture the attentions of all who see it.

While black certainly seems to be the new white, we can’t help thinking that there is still so much to be said for lighter shades, which are forever elegant and understated. Timber orangeries and garden rooms painted in neutral or light shades can be approached as you would a beautiful blank canvas, allowing you to bring in any kind of interior style, colour or pattern that you like – giving you a lot of room for creativity.

Exploring looks:

When extending a period home, the idea is to preserve the traditional identity of your property while designing contemporary open-plan living space. Combine light shades with classical styles for the perfect balance.

This soft, beige orangery dining room offers a calming space to relax in, contrasting well with the lush greenery and foliage visible through the glazing, which turns into a real focus point during the summer.

This soothing putty-grey shade is a great example of how a neutral colour can help an extension to blend in with its natural surroundings. The homeowners have added cream furniture with a few orange-pink accents to help pull everything together.

Painted in our signature Westbury White, the frames and joinery of this orangery look crisp and smart, set against the red brick shade of the main property – forming a simple backdrop to a sophisticated family room while setting off the beautifully tended garden.

The big glazed windows help to draw in the light, bringing the space to life and carrying off the minimal interior scheme.

This is a comfortable country home and it was important that there was a feeling of continuity between the new garden room and the rest of the existing rooms. This kitchen is bright and spacious, with its crisp white shade making it feel open and inviting.

A light colour is an easy way to give your extension a modern, minimalist effect. However with the right paint system, you can inject your own personality into your bespoke garden room while still benefiting from a lighter shade. For 25 years, we’ve developed our expertise in building beautiful timber extensions which need a very high quality paint product which only protect the external timber from the elements, but also give an immaculate finish.

We use a water based microporous paint, and we spray all of our joinery with three layers in our workshops. Once dry, a flawless and protective layer is left behind on the timber – creating a barrier against moisture, UV exposure, and bacteria. What’s more, they also contain a greater amount of pigment for a better, longer-lasting colour.

All the paints we use are manufactured to the highest quality, adhering to all EU Environmental Directives and Standards. Unlike other paint products on the market, they are water based so the brushes are easy to clean without toxic and harmful spirit.

Pale colours ensure a clean and classical look, helping the summer sun to bounce around the room while helping to create a calming and restful living space. On the other end of the spectrum, picking a darker colour can have a big impact and make your home stand out against the rest of your property. No matter what effect you want to create, thanks to the bespoke nature of our designs and some very high quality paint, you can have exactly what you want.