Christmas table decoration ideas

The big day is fast approaching, so don your festive jumpers and get your dining table ready with these on-trend Christmas table decoration ideas…

Traditionally, reds and golds were always the classic colours for any Christmas decoration, usually teamed with a splash of green and silver. Today, there are so many different style avenues to go down; from icy white wonderlands and cosy highland schemes to multi-coloured Scandinavian designs. 

Consider stepping outside your comfort zone this year by trying some different table decorations that will change your usual festive home styling, delight your guests and provide a marvellous setting for those precious Christmas day moments. 

No matter what style you opt for, always start with the lights as the foundation for your dining room scheme. Whether you are re-using lights from last year, or opting for eco-friendly energy saving LEDs, the colours and style of your lighting will help to determine your table’s décor. 

Favourite ornaments such as candleholders or figurines also help to build your table’s look –  add these next, giving them a prime location where your guests can admire them. Next, add your largest decorations before incorporating the smaller ones to create a well-balanced design. 

We show you how to decorate your table like an expert with these themed ideas… 

1. The star of the show

Christmas is the season to give thanks and enjoy the company of our loved ones. Everyone loves the moment when you pull the crackers at the Christmas table, and these star-patterned crackers from Katie Leamon are right on trend. 

Inside, they include wooden toys and gifts as an eco alternative to plastic. With such a bold design, there’s no need to add much more to the table in terms of decorations, keep it simple with a few candles. 

2. Icy blue snowflakes

Opting for a cooler colour scheme is ideal for period-style rooms, with pretty, soft blues and whites. These shades work beautifully to help create an icy, frozen theme. 

These intricate baby blue snowflakes draw the eye and attract plenty of attention to become the main feature of your table, without the need for many additional ornaments. 

3. Sophisticated greys

Grey is a beautifully understated option for your Christmas table if you like a clean, grown-up feel. More sophisticated than traditional festive greens, grey has a stylish quality and works well when teamed with pale eucalyptus garlands. 

This colour suits every type of home and creates a serene feel. It works well with golds and silvers, looks stunning with a white laced tablecloth andsparkly place mats. Avoid cluttering the space by selecting a few bold pieces to take centre stage, like chunky church candles. 

4. A woodland wonderland

Ideal for those who prefer a natural, minimalist look, this woodland theme has an unassuming, simple aesthetic. Plenty of fresh, evergreen foliage with simple candleholders on a wooden table creates a charming and unusual look. 

Ensure that you keep to the same pattern as you lay everything out for a neat and uniformed look. The trick to achieving this woodland-inspired design is to keep it simple and let the natural detailing do all the work for you. 

5. Candy cane colours

This merry and bright Christmas table will delight kids and adults alike. It has been cleverly decorated with sweet little details, such as little red and gold bows tied around wine glass stems, jolly snowmen and a scattering of silver bells. The whole design feels fun and effortless, while still being wonderfully unique. 

6. Wintery gold and frosted

White is a timeless, elegant colour to choose for your Christmas table and despite being a classic, its crisp freshness can make for a contemporary look. Pair with rose gold accents and frosted greenery to build layers and add texture. 

Ensure you do not just place ornaments on the outside of your frosted table garland. A designer secret is to put ornaments further into the foliage to give your table visual depth. 

7. Red, red roses

It is no wonder that red and gold have featured so often on our Christmas tables, due to giving such a warm and welcoming feel. Candles are a must, their glow adding to the warm and welcoming mood already created. 

This classic colour combination will perfectly complement any interior style. It is easy to source table decorations in red and gold,  and if you wanted to add a unique twist, try incorporating romantic red roses.