Choosing the perfect pendant lighting for your kitchen, garden room, or orangery

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Westbury has previously written about the ways in which lighting can be used to influence or even create the ambience in a room, but there are certain types of lighting that need special consideration in order to get this just right. Pendant lights, for example, are a very popular lighting option, especially when installed above an island or dining table. With countless styles and designs available, there are a number of factors to take into account when making a decision. By asking yourself some key questions, it’s easy to narrow down your search and find the perfect pendant light for your kitchen, garden room, or orangery.

Function or fashion?

The first consideration to take into account is whether the lighting fixture is going to be purely functional or whether it will be a key feature to the overall design of your kitchen or garden room. If functionality is the most important aspect, then minimalistic pendants are a great choice as they won’t overpower the room. However, if the preference is to make a bold statement, you can opt for an eye-catching pendant to add a real wow factor to your home.

When choosing the perfect pendant light for your kitchen, its functionality and focus is paramount for the completion of everyday tasks such as meal preparation. Also integral is its positioning – will it hang best above the hob, the island, or the dining table?

On the other hand, if you are looking to illuminate the living space in your garden room or orangery then you may decide on a beautifully stylish pendant to provide an even spread of light to the whole room. These areas are more likely to be where you relax in the evenings or entertain guests, therefore focused task lighting is less of a necessity. When choosing a pendant to suit the living space of your kitchen or garden room there are no set rules, so long as the style suits to your interior.

So Stylish

Pendant lights are available in many styles and designs. Here’s how you can incorporate some of the most popular styles of pendant lighting throughout your home.

  • Single Pendants are extremely versatile and will i wanna buy hydrocodone suit almost any area of your home. Using either a single pendant or a combination of individual pendants, you can create the perfect solution for any task.


  • Chandeliers are a true statement of style and sophistication. They particularly work wonders above a dining table or seating area, by highlighting the centrepiece of the space. The graceful features of a chandelier add instant elegance to any area of the home; however, careful consideration needs to be taken to ensure that it doesn’t overpower the other aspects of your interior.


  • Bar Pendants are a perfect match for the space above a dining table. Due to their long rectangular shape, they are a great solution to complement the shape and size of your table.


  • Rise and fall lighting is a form of pendant lighting which, as the name suggests, can be adjusted to different height levels. The versatility of rise and fall lighting is ideal for anyone who needs to regularly adjust the illumination above their workspace for carrying out day-to-day tasks.


The Rule of Three

The rule of three is an age old design tip that creates balance by repeating an element of an interior three times. This rule works perfectly when installing pendant lighting, but it is not set in stone – similar results can be achieved with five lights, for example, in larger kitchen spaces.


Hanging your pendant light

Now that you’ve finally found the perfect pendant light fitting for your kitchen or garden room, the next stage is installation. As a general rule of thumb, pendant lights should be hung between 28 and 24 inches above a work surface, to provide adequate light for the area below without obscuring the view across the kitchen. However, this is only a recommendation, and you should also take the individual characteristics of your room into account.

When looking for the perfect pendant light to fit in your kitchen, garden room, or orangery it is crucial to choose function over form. From there, you can enjoy the process of selecting the perfect pendant to meet your practical and aesthetic requirements. For more information and lighting advice, please visit www.lighting-direct.co.uk