Caravane: inspired by travel, made with expertise

Véronique Piedeleu and her husband Jack-Eric are the creative force behind Caravane – the irresistibly chic furniture, home accessories, and textiles brand from Paris that takes design inspiration from cultures all over the world. We look at their unique style and explore the concepts behind their outstanding collections…

A favourite with interior designers and style-savvy homeowners alike, Caravane combines their bold and vibrant style with a passion for superior craftsmanship to produce an irresistible range of home décor products. Travel and culture inspire every Caravane collection, with the team going far and wide to source rare gems that bring an enticing sense of the exotic to your own home. The interplay of colours and refined patterns used in their designs are stunning; evocative of sun-kissed islands, distant deserts, and remote plains.  

Caravane creates gateways to different worlds, it allows traditions from faraway lands to travel to your doorstep and be welcomed into your home. – Caravane 

Established in 1995 by François Dorget, Caravane opened their first boutique in the Marais district of central Paris. The very epitome of elegance, their original store is hidden away in an old, romantic courtyard and features a beautiful glass canopy that lets the natural light stream through into the shop floor below. Now with stores in London, Lyon, Nice, Bordeaux, and Copenhagen, they are the go-to brand for exceptional interior pieces.

Véronique has been at the helm of the company since 2011, with her daughter Capucine bringing a renewed and vibrant energy to the business. They strive to source products that will not only bring a fresh style to your interiors but will ingrain into your life as nostalgic long-lasting heirlooms.  

Our kind of quality…

Quality is about creating exceptional designs using the finest materials available and ensuring that every detail is crafted to the highest standard. Caravane’s curated collection fulfils this with beautiful accents like soft little tassels strategically positioned on the corner of organic cotton towels, cheerful pompoms attached to sofa covers, and delicate fringing on the edge of napkins.

Consistently achieving quality on every level, close attention is paid to each element of the customer’s seamless experience, from the lighting in their boutiques to the efficient delivery of purchases straight to their homes.

Personalised interiors….

Along with their bed linen, Caravane cushions are their top selling products and they are particularly popular with our clients, who understand that interior design is most meaningful when it reflects their own personal style. Wonderfully adaptable to any mood or style that inspires you, cushions can be a quick and easy way to transform a room with your unique take on a new trend.

A plain sofa in an earthy, neutral shade provides a blank canvas for you to create an eye-catching arrangement of cushions and throws. Combine matching or contrasting tones of colour and blends of different patterns – it’s entirely up to you – but the end result would be spectacular.

Q: What do your customers love about your products?

A: They love the choice of colours, the craftsmanship that goes into making our products and the extra soul that goes into each piece.

Take the time to notice the density and texture of the materials, the softness of the fibres, and the firmness of the weave. Plump velvet cushions in deep jewel colours, either unadorned and simple or embroidered with detailed Asian prints, are sure to bring a soft and sensuous flair to your surroundings and enrich your home.

Fantastic fabrics…

When it comes to celebrating the natural and authentic beauty of fabric, Caravane is at the forefront.  Known for their checked cotton bedspreads, striped table linen, and curtains in saffron and muted pastels, the Parisian brand has an unrivaled collection.

Crafted with the utmost respect for the environment and made using only organic cotton, natural fibres and plant-based dyes, our collections are designed and made by true artisans. – Caravane 

Their fabrics are harvested and woven in various locations across the world, from India to Europe. Materials such as linen will often be dyed on a made-to-order basis from their workshops in France, and then washed and softened depending on the final desired finish.

Some fabrics are made on looms in the Tamil Nadu region of southern India and some are decorated using ancient techniques such as block printing, which requires immense skill to create intricate, multi-coloured patterns by hand.  

Every metre of fabric is meticulously checked to ensure a quality like no other before it’s cut and sewn together. Detailed stitching highlights the shapes and proportions of their fabric items, subtly drawing the eye to the curve of small perfumed cushions or edging drawstring pouches. Their signature bourdon stitch is expertly applied to their fabrics by artisan sewers who adapt each line of stitches to suit every piece, it’s a Caravane classic.

Explore Caravane’s ranges now at www.caravane.co.uk or visit their London boutiques at Marylebone (38/40 New Cavendish Street, W1G8UD) or Kings Cross (Coal Drops Yard – Units 52/54, Stable Street, N1C 4AB)