Built to last! Quality home extensions, 20 years on…

By choosing a premium product that will stand the test of time, you can be confident that your glazed extension is an investment worth making. Recently we were invited to see one of our older projects from 20 years ago which still has an exceptional finish. This is how we design extensions that are built to last…

Our garden rooms and orangeries stand the test of time because we consistently prioritise superior craftsmanship and pay attention to every element, down to the last detail. Working closely with our clients throughout the design and build process, we offer a diligent and personal service, and are passionate about understanding how a garden room can meet their needs. For this reason, we are always excited to catch up with customers we have worked for in the past, and recently one family invited our founder, Jonathan, to come and visit a classic conservatory that we built for them over 20 years ago.

A family heirloom

Originally built for the M family, this conservatory passed hands in 1990 to another owner before being re-brought back into the family in 2013 by the now grown-up son, who has children of his own. To make the home their own, they completely renovated the property but despite the passing of time, the conservatory extension is still a beautiful space that offers spectacular views of the garden.

‘When we brought the house back, the conservatory was used as a lounge. We loved the bright room and its shape and wanted to maximise on the property’s layout, so we moved the kitchen from the front of the house and changed the conservatory into a dining room’ they explained. ‘We were delighted with the new arrangement, which has created one large open-plan area at the back of our home where we can cook meals and eat together as a family.’

The conservatory circles round to connect with a bright and spacious living room on the other side, helping the natural light to stream through from different angles and creating a wonderful flow between all of the rooms.

With fully glazed walls and roof, a conservatory has less brickwork than an orangery, allowing for uninterrupted views of the natural surroundings outdoors: ‘The best thing about our conservatory is the way it connects you to the beautiful garden. You can almost imagine that you are eating a meal al fresco even though you are actually inside.’

Achieving longevity through design

Westbury has been designing, building, and planning bespoke glazed extensions since 1988. We understand that a garden room needs to be elegant and timeless, and should never look tired or dated after just a few years. By delicately balancing each of our innovative designs by scale and proportion, we ensure that the extension will perfectly harmonise with the rest of the house and garden.

Dedicated to continuous improvement, we are always looking for ways to develop our products and techniques, with every stage of the process undertaken by our own in-house team of experts.

The timber frames, doors, and windows are made by our experienced artisans in our own factory using both traditional joinery techniques and cutting-edge technology. All timber components are pre-assembled, checked, painted and glazed at the workshop, before being packed and taken to site to be installed by our experienced fitters.

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Images credit @ Russell Property