Building a Kitchen Extension with Humphrey Munson

Becoming one of the most highly sought-after interior spaces in recent years – the orangery kitchen extension reveals flawless functionality with an elegant approach to modern design. Often creating rooms that become the heart of any home; their towering ceilings and large glazed panes are energised by welcome natural light throughout the day. Revealing a vibrant and creative space for the family to enjoy. Equally, the visually striking performance of ambient lighting bouncing off each glass pane adapts the space into a magical environment to entertain in the evening.

But it’s not only their outstanding beauty that draws in such admiration. A new orangery kitchen should feel tailored to your lifestyle and easy to manoeuvre. By affording each client and home scrupulous attention to detail and gaining an understanding of their lifestyle, the resulting experience is effortless and serene. A brand that shares this mentality with us is Humphrey Munson. Possessing expert knowledge on how style, lighting, layout and function can all make or break these spaces. They achieve orangery kitchen extensions that, without a doubt, become the main attraction.

“The beauty of a custom home is that you can pick whatever style and design you want.”


How do Humphrey Munson do this?

We’ve had the pleasure to work with Humphrey Munson on many occasions and have seen first-hand their expertise and individualist approach. By fully embracing every ideal from their clients they are able to build people-centric spaces that cater to every need.

Creating kitchens that are extensions of their client’s personality, and reflections of their lifestyle is what truly sets them apart. The finished space, when encased within an orangery extension, is welcoming and peaceful. Becoming the place to entertain, to unwind, to cook and get creative. A place to enjoy for years to come.


What do I need to consider when planning a new kitchen extension?

Style – Humphrey Munson advise on making timeless choices. Future-proofing your new kitchen will help to keep it looking fresh and new for years to come. Unlike the avocado green units of the late 60s and early 70s, a kitchen designed tastefully in a classic style will not easily feel dated. The pairing with an orangery extension, which is architecturally classic in form, will ensure that the space remains timeless and refreshing for years to come.

The classic H|M Nickleby cabinetry is an enduringly popular choice with clients for its classic English look and feel. For clients seeking a more contemporary feel, the Spenlow cabinetry with its clean lines and pared-back feel, suits a more modern design. The Longford cabinetry by H|M has a more traditional design that suits country houses and older properties.

Lighting – Perhaps one of the most transformative aspects of any interior space is lighting. The soft natural light from surrounding glazed aspects of the orangery during the day, to the warm glow of ambient lighting in the evenings. The kitchen orangery space is always offering something different and remains a calming and relaxing environment.

Humphrey Munson’s ingenious execution of illuminating cabinets and worktops is both functional and atmospheric. Brightening areas which are designed to function as preparation spaces. Whilst simultaneously becoming irresistible focal points that have the power to induce a deep exhale of relaxation, setting the mood for the cosy evening ahead.

“Always layer in lighting for a cohesive and ultimately flexible scheme in a kitchen design. Dimmer switches are invaluable, and always consider task lighting and accent lighting when planning your scheme” says Louisa Eggleston, Creative Director at Humphrey Munson.

Layout – Another consideration is how each client prefers to use the space. Humphrey Munson are the experts when it comes to layout and creating flow around the kitchen. “We always want the kitchen space to just open up in front of you when you walk in, so think about your eye line and what you want people to focus on. A large orangery room will invariably need a good, proportionate focal point – we often incorporate a false chimney into a kitchen design so that there is a clear and definitive scale to the room that is set off from that. Think about where you want visitors to gravitate towards, and keep the working side of the kitchen clear by positioning seating in such a way that guests naturally drift that way rather than towards the cooker. Keep appliances that receive a lot of attention (fridge freezer during lockdown with teenagers, for example) easily reachable without being a congestion area. For larger kitchens consider a secondary fridge drawer that can be used for milk, juice etc and keep the main cooling appliance for perishable food storage”.  Louisa advises.

Storage – If you have many kitchen gadgets and you dislike using up worktop space then you may require more cabinetry than those who prefer fewer appliances. Or you may even consider open cabinets and shelving to display colourful crockery or your favourite cookbooks, revealing your culinary creativity.  “Countertop cupboards are a god-send for those who like a clear and uncluttered kitchen but also like to cook and entertain. A set of bi-fold doors means the countertop can be left open when in use, but instantly hidden away. When you’re designing a new kitchen, you need to think carefully about what you need to store and where it will live in the new space”.