Black is the new white for glazed extensions

We are currently seeing more of our customers opting for black shades of paint for the outside joinery of their glazed extension in order to really make a statement.

We often talk about our favourite interior and home decor trends that are sweeping the nation on our blog, but we are particularly excited by those trends that arise among our customers when they are planning the design and style of their garden rooms or orangeries.

From an exterior design point of view, we are currently seeing more of our customers opting for black shades of paint for the outside joinery of their glazed extension in order to really make a statement. As with all colours, there are many different nuances of a single shade to choose from, and black paint is no exception to this rule.

In addition to the classic jet black and ebony shades, joinery that has been painted in graphite, charcoal or slate grey hues, as well as rich midnight blue-black, deep olive or walnut brown can all give a black appearance depending on the natural lighting and time of day.


In days gone by, the preferred paint choice often swayed toward white, ivory, and similarly neutral shades to coat the timber of our extensions. This started around the time when white uPVC was all the rage, and while we believe timber is a superior material for an extension, the lighter coloured exterior has always been very much en vogue.

White paint has long been a popular choice for glazed extensions because it is renowned for being less likely to fade or show the signs of deterioration over time. However, the special paint formulas we use today have much more pigment in them than found in a standard high street paint, which ensures that paint of any colour will offer this extended longevity. Using Accoya for the joinery of a Westbury Garden Room means the structure offers stability for years to come, because the wood will not warp or swell, and in turn, the surface coating is extremely robust so the paint will not peel.

We then started to see some movement in preference toward organic and earthy green hues, with many customers keen to seamlessly match the woodwork of their extension to the leafy garden which it overlooks.

These colour palettes are still very popular today, but we are excited to see an influx in the number of people who specifically want their garden room to create a bold statement, with many choosing our deepest shade of paint for the exterior woodwork – Westbury Black.



A black painted exterior gives a dynamic and dramatic appearance, ensuring the property stands proud without the need for any extravagant accessories or finishing touches. In the broad sunlight, even the deepest shades of black will provide a warm tone of colour, which seems to fade into a deeper colour when clouds cast over it.

Not only will a dark black-based paint ensure the glazed extension stands proud as a focal point of the property, but its presence also forms a beautiful contrasting backdrop for showcasing the collection of colours in the plants and blooms of the surrounding garden, giving greater depth to the surroundings.



No matter which colour is chosen for the glazed extension, Westbury’s state of the art paint process is a huge part of what makes our products so unique. We spray all products with three coats of super high-performance paint before they leave our workshop which is the equivalent to approximately twelve brush coats of paint, so we can guarantee a long lasting, low maintenance extension that looks beautiful. For all of these reasons, our customers can afford to be bolder with their colour choices.