British designers Black Edition launch new Zafaro collection

We delight in the geometric shapes and blurred tones of Black Edition’s latest range, with exciting weaves, decorative prints, velvets, and wall coverings to browse through. The stylish Zafaro collection is newly launched this month, bringing a splash of colour to January 2021.

If a mid-lockdown treat is on the cards and you feel like your interiors need a change, adding a fresh touch of glamour is sure to lift your mood. From hazy splashes of colour to bold, contemporary patterns with geometric shapes and florals, the new wallcoverings, curtains, and upholstery from Black Edition’s newly launched Zafaro collection is just the ticket. 

It’s the first collection they’ve launched in two years, so we were really excited to find out more. You don’t necessarily need to have confidence to incorporate the patterns into your interiors – their watercolour splashes, interlocking origami shapes and geometric, kaleidoscopic patterns are surprisingly effortless to use, with maximum impact. 

A collection on everyone’s wish list.

The newly launched collection is an invigorating, vibrant assortment of elegant velvets, intricate warp-printed jacquard weaves, finely printed linens, and silks encased in a kaleidoscope of colour and pattern. Led by Design Director Emily Mould, Black Edition exclusively designs fabric and wallcovering collections infused with rich, contemporary elegance for high-end interiors. 

Black Edition makes some highly covetable fabrics, and their customers adore their expertly curated collections. They are only eight years old and sit under The Romo Group brand – a real gem at the very heart of Britain’s furnishing and upholstery fabrics market. Situated in Nottinghamshire, The Romo Group is a family-run business renowned for creativity and exceptional quality. Since its conception in 1902 by Robert Mould, The Romo Group has been going from strength to strength and is today recognised worldwide, with six design houses (including the founding brand Romo – we wrote about their botanical Gardenia collection here), each with its own signature style and colour palette. 

Values upheld through the generations.

In 1902, Robert Mould started a small-scale furniture manufacturing business in Nottingham. He merged his first and second name and called it ‘Romo’. In the 1980s, Romo started its in-house design studio. Today, the Romo Group employs over 350 people and is managed by the founder’s great-grandson, Jonathan Mould, along with his niece and three children. Design Director Emily Mould is the fifth generation of the family to be a part of the business. You can find additional trade showrooms in Europe and the USA, where clients can view fabrics and wallcoverings in full length pieces, along with practical pattern books.

Stand-out designs and glamourous detailing.

Out of all the Romo design houses, Black Edition pushes the boundaries of design to produce stand-out collections that evoke a sense of glamour in any interior. Their designers can experiment with a joyful use of colour and pattern, with textiles and wallcoverings that are can almost be interchangeable with art. As they proudly declare on their website, the ‘rules of colour are romantically rewritten.’ Couture fashion, 20th Century Abstract art, folk embroidery, Indian Ikat designs and Byzantine glass mosaics have been a strong influence. 

‘Black Edition has given us the opportunity to be more experimental with qualities, techniques and design in a considered, individual way. The essence of Romo continues through our signature colour palette and lively, contemporary prints. Black Edition is richer and more tactile, with sumptuous qualities such as velvets and silks giving warmth and luxury. Innovative and new techniques such as digital printing and spray dying have enabled us to create complex designs with intense colour especially created for the luxury interiors market’.  – Emily Mould, Design Director. 

Each of Black Edition’s team of talented and experienced designers will play a key part in the creative process, with expert weavers designing innovative woven qualities and talented artists creating original prints and wallcoverings. All original artwork is intricately hand-painted and delicately coloured in-house, before being sent to expert weavers and printers.

The Zafaro Collection

Zafaro stems from the team’s passion for pushing the boundaries, embracing new colours, and celebrating patterns. Setting out to create a collection that explores creative expression, the designers immersed themselves in experimental mark making, playing with different textures, materials, and colours, filling the studio with an array of resources from textural paints and pastels, to charcoals, watercolours, and inks. The new collection emerged out of this intense period of creativity, with each design radiating with energy and movement.

At the heart of the collection is artistry in both design and technique, uniting intricate weaving and precise, cutting-edge printing with Black Edition’s exquisite designs. ‘An artistic wonder, Zafaro is an articulation of contemporary design, a serene yet striking collection of prints, weaves and velvets,’ explains Design Director Emily Mould. ‘Infused with oriental richness and vivid charm, considered techniques and a playful use of shapes and colour form beautiful, thought-provoking designs with an animated elegance.’

Unlike wallpaper or painted walls, wallcoverings are a little bit unexpected and can easily up the game – especially if you want to add sumptuous, cosy elements to your interiors. The Zafaro wallcovering designs act as artistic masterpieces, so as you enter your home, you immediately notice the softer textures and detailing. Blurred and rippling lines, colourful streams, and floating overlapping spheres in sophisticated tones of mustard and deep blue combine alongside bold geometric designs with softly diffused edges and an eye-catching velvety flocked design of intricate lines. These stunning designs work particularly well in larger, open-plan rooms where they can be brought in on a breath-taking scale. 

‘Unleashing a spectacle of wonder, the Zafaro Wallcoverings collection sees abstract, graphic patterns and fluid watercolour designs infused with a sophisticated dose of colour and unique textured surfaces,’ Emily concludes. 

For further information, fabric samples and retailer directories, visit https://www.blackedition.com/