The benefits of granite in the kitchen


We regularly invite design and interiors experts to write for our blog. The latest guest post is from Countertop Investigator on the benefits of granite in the kitchen.

Often thought of as the hub of the home, the room where modern families gather together is in the kitchen. According to Houzz’s 2017 Kitchen Trends Report, 60% of homeowners claim to spend at least three hours a day in this area.

As kitchen culture changes, so does the design, style, and layout preferences. Currently, many homeowners are choosing open plan semi-glazed kitchen extension style in order to maximise the space available and increase natural light into the home. If space allows, the kitchen is often enhanced further with the incorporation of an informal dining area or some comfortable seating.

Considering the important role that kitchens now play in our lives, a little clever investment in this room can add a lot of value to a property. This can be achieved through choosing materials and features that are going to stand the test of time and one of the reasons why many homeowners are choosing to incorporate granite worktops into their kitchen layout.

Practical perks of granite in the kitchen

Granite is a hygienic option for kitchen surfaces, due to its sleek nonporous nature, which makes it more difficult for bacteria and dirt to linger and multiply. It is also easy to maintain and keep clean. A gentle wipe with warm water and a soft towel after every use will help to the surface in excellent condition. To carry out a deeper granite clean opt for a pH neutral cleaner and granite sealer every six months.

Unlike wood, granite is able to withstand the heat from hot pots and pans without incurring any damage, making granite worktops a highly practical addition to the modern kitchen. As one of the hardest, most scratch-resistant materials you can install in your kitchen, the damage is easily avoided should somebody forget to use a chopping board.

Granite design options

Aside from the practical benefits to be enjoyed from granite worktops, there are many visually appealing reasons to choose this material over others. Firstly, the versatility that granite offers outperforms many other worktop materials because it can be moulded into a wide range of shapes and sizes to offer a truly bespoke design solution for any kitchen.

Secondly, granite worktops are typically available in either a buffered shine or a matte finish making it an adaptable material that will blend beautifully with either contemporary and classic designs.

So, whether you’re renovating your kitchen to create a modern or traditional appearance, granite will match the tone and bring out the very best of either style.

A final consideration

The only real challenge that granite poses is that it’s very heavy, both to transport and to manoeuvre. This means that any cupboards or cabinets used to support granite worktops will have to be chosen with weight requirements and quality details in mind.