Renovation 2021: ‘before and after’ orangery ideas

Replacing your old and tired conservatory extension with a timber orangery or garden room? See our most popular ‘Before and After’ projects…

Design has a direct impact on the way that we live our lives and the way that we feel at home. If you have a part of your house that is poorly conceived, underused, and unsightly, there’s no doubt that this will affect the way that you use your home. If you’ve ever owned a uPVC conservatory, then you’ll know exactly what we’re referring to. 

These days, old conservatories look outdated and no longer meet the demands of a modern family home. With excessive glazing, they can become uncomfortably hot during the summer months and cold in winter, so usually, families spend extraordinarily little time there. Often, homeowners struggle to know what to do with the space as it will usually feel very separate from the rest of the house, like an afterthought add-on. It’s a big part of your home to be completely wasted and underutilised. 

A glazed extension should be an additional room that acts as a continuation of your main home, so if you are making do with a uPVC conservatory in all its 1980s glory, then you’re missing out on an opportunity to make the most of your space. If your interiors flow well, they allow you to enjoy a sense of calm in a living area that is bright, spacious and perfectly catered to your needs. Above all, the aesthetic should make a statement about the homeowner’s tastes and sense of style. 

You might not think that transforming one part of your home could have so much impact, but never underestimate the difference a new open-plan garden room can make on a home. The wonderful thing about a well-designed garden room is that it makes your house ideal for entertaining in all seasons, not just in the summer months when everyone gathers in the garden. It gives the family a place to spend time together, create memories and share meals. Providing the layout is kept in mind and the flow of the interiors is maintained, an orangery or garden room extension can bring everything together. 

The most impressive space in which to host friends and throw parties

When we first met with the owners of this townhouse in Oxford, they told us that while they were big entertainers, the condition of their home wasn’t at the standard they were hoping for when they first purchased it. The existing conservatory was in desperate need of replacing, and the layout needed changing. 

Now, they enjoy having people over with a perfectly designed space that’s ideal for hosting larger groups of people. You only need to see the pictures to understand the difference the new orangery has made – guests now wonder if they are even visiting the same house. It’s a home that the owners can genuinely love, and they look forward to showing it off to their friends and family. While they’ve not been able to host drinks and suppers that much in 2020, the multi-functional orangery has been a wonderful place for the family to spend time together in during the lockdowns. 

Creating an additional, open-plan room for family living

Instead of knocking the original walls down completely, we used cleverly placed door apertures in this Edwardian home to help bring in plenty of natural light and encourage a sociable living space. Initially, the layout wasn’t working for the family, and an old, damp, leaking conservatory was attached to the lounge and never used. We replaced the conservatory with a magnificent L-shaped orangery that wraps around the kitchen, which was once where the lounge was. The multi-functional element of an open-plan room is a big attraction to families in particular, who want a lively hub where everyone can gather together. 

Showcasing the very best architectural features

This beautiful garden room in Essex completely transformed this family home, which we installed during an extensive, complete renovation project. The extension has dramatically altered the architectural structure of the house, with perfectly balanced, high vaulted ceilings and a glazed gable. Expansive windows and wide opening French doors open out onto a beautifully manicured garden. The timber joinery adds symmetrical lines for a classic aesthetic, and these vertical lines help to draw the eye up, making the ceilings appear even higher. 

A welcoming orangery filled with natural light

A new orangery has transformed this beautiful Georgian home in the suburbs of Surrey. Initially, the smaller rooms were fragmented and made the family feel separated, but now they have an ideal space that caters to the homeowners and their young family. The triple roof lantern is a show-stopping focal point that brings in so much natural light into the orangery. The lanterns tie the spaces together and make the room feel unique. It’s ideal to be able to open up the French doors, look out at the view and enjoy the close connection with the outdoors. Also, the footprint of the orangery is extensive, so the lanterns help to define different zones in the open-plan room. 

Reconnect with nature and let the outside in

This spacious orangery connects the family’s kitchen with their newly-landscaped gardens. With a big dining table where the kids can also do crafts and homework and a generously sized sitting area that looks out over the gorgeous landscape, the homeowners can enjoy the great outdoors all year round. 

Defined and purposeful living areas

This orangery features a kitchen, a dining space and a sitting area. With so many different functions, it’s essential to get the layout right. Creating focal points in the room that feels meaningful and intentional is vital, and attention to detail helps to create definition between different zones. It’s essential to make sure all the areas flow, as they are still all part of one ample space. Traditional design is all about symmetry, and by positioning a fireplace to one side of the room, it becomes the anchor of a well- balanced and distinct living zone. 

Removing your old conservatory and replacing it with a timber extension will open up your home, help you appreciate your garden and bring in more natural light and space into your interiors. For more information about our range, and to discuss your extension project in more detail, feel free to contact us for expert advice.