Adding value to your property with a conservatory

Considering a conservatory as a long-term investment to ensure it blends with the original design of the house, making sure that it looks like as though it has always been there.

In tough economic times it has become important to seek ways to boost the financial value of a house – especially for someone who is looking to sell and move onwards and upwards. An increasingly popular choice is building a conservatory; however, these will only add real value and help with the sale of a house if they are built by a specialist company using a bespoke design specific to the property and its requirements.

An expertly designed conservatory is the equivalent of adding an extra room to the property and thus boosts the profile and appeal of a property. If it is both well designed and well positioned then it can also add a real ‘wow’ factor that attracts potential buyers instantly. Many substantial conservatories are in fact more akin to ‘garden rooms’ and can be particularly appealing as a way to link the indoor and outdoor space.

There are however a few considerations:

When deciding on a conservatory, it is crucial to consider its longevity. This means considering the conservatory as a long-term investment, and ensuring that it blends with the original design of the house to make sure that it looks like it is meant to be there. In addition it is important to work with a reputable company to design a well-proportioned space with buy hydrocodone in thailand classic lines which will stand the test of time.

The positioning of the conservatory will impact its usability and may also affect its value. With kitchens increasingly becoming the hub of the home, the addition of a conservatory here is becoming more popular. It can really enhance the room and create a space that meets the needs of all the members of a family.

The materials used to build a conservatory also impact its value but are often overlooked. Components such as solar controlled glass, micro-porous paints and powder coated aluminium on the roof of a quality conservatory will not only look good, but will also be easy to maintain. Conservatories do need to be washed and cleaned, but should only require one coat of paint every few years (although white conservatories may need painting more often).

Research indicates that a properly designed conservatory can add anything from 7-11 per cent to the value of the house. In particular, conservatories that are made from timber combined with cutting edge materials are usable and enjoyable throughout the year will hold their value for many years to come.

There is no doubt that a conservatory can help sell a home and increase its value – the key is in using a reputable company and carefully considering the design and positioning.