5 tips for choosing the right water feature for your garden

Water features - feature image

We regularly invite design and interiors experts to write for our blog. Here, Haddonstone offer some expert advice on choosing a water feature for your garden.

This summer’s heatwave may set a new record and if you have been struggling to get out and enjoy your garden then a water feature may be the perfect answer.  A water feature can be a simple way to add an attractive, welcome and cooling addition to your garden during the summer months and will add life and movement to your garden all year round. 

1. Consider the size of your garden and the impact you want to make

Whether you have a modest plot or a larger landscape, today’s water features come in all shapes and sizes depending on your requirements.  With a wealth of options, you can choose to either add a subtle addition to your outside space, or to go for a more imposing and significant centrepiece!  For smaller gardens, the Haddonstone Tree Frog Bowl Fountain, which incorporates a simple bowl allows you to add an interesting amphibian feature without taking up too much ground space.

frog bowl water feature

2. Choose the right feature to suit your personal style

It’s not just the size of your garden that provides an exciting opportunity when choosing a water feature – it’s all about taste – and the choice is endless.  For minimalist and modern gardens, we recommend the Crucible Fountain, a simple yet beautiful fountain, that can be accompanied by the Crucible planter, allowing you to create repetition and balance in your scheme.  In contrast, the elegant and classical Napoli Fountain by Haddonstone will add drama as a focal point in a more traditional setting.

Crucible water feature and matching planter

Crucible fountain and crucible planter

3. Location, location, location

Whatever look you are aiming for, it’s worth spending time really considering where your water feature should sit – a water feature should complement your existing space.  A water fountain will enhance your seating or outside dining area with relaxing and tranquil sounds, whilst a fountain positioned in a front garden will create a strong impact to your façade.  Beware of positioning any feature near overhanging trees and shrubs which may shed leaves and foliage into the fountain.

4. High or low?

With water features offering a variety of styles and sizes to choose from, you may also want to think about the positioning of your fountain.  A low-level feature will add understated interest amongst planters, foliage and flowers, whilst a taller feature can add towering sophistication and an added ‘wow factor’. 

triple ball water feature

A Triple Ball Fountain offers the option of incorporating a contemporary feature close to terra firma, whilst the Bayeux Fountain will provide an impactful, elevated centrepiece.  Or, why not opt for a combination of both with a fountain and pool surround?  The Roman Pool Surround can be designed to your exact requirements and when used to encircle a fountain such as the Eastwell Fountain, you can be sure to achieve real impact as a stunning centrepiece.

Eastwell and Bayeux water features

(Left to right) Eastwell fountain and Bayeux fountain

5. Nowadays a fountain or water feature doesn’t have to mean hours of labour-intensive digging and installation

If simplicity and ease is key, then choosing a self-circulating fountain will allow you to install and start enjoying your water feature quickly and effortlessly.  The Romanesque Fountain by Haddonstone can be installed in any small interior or exterior setting and comes ready for you to install with a pump and instructions.   

Romanesque water feature

With no digging required, all you will need is an electricity point and a couple of hours to set up your fountain.  This really is one of the simplest ways to bring water into your garden without too much hard work.  After that, invite your friends and family round, sit back and enjoy the relaxing sounds of your very own water feature!

All imagery is courtesy of Haddonstone. Take a look at the Haddonstone website for more stunning water feature inspiration.