Pool Houses & Large Structures

When building a pool house it is important to consider not only how it will look, but also how it will perform. Correct air handling and heating are essential to eliminate condensation and ensure the room is comfortable.

Glass sides and a roof lantern create a feeling of space, allowing views of the garden and sky whilst swimming. Solar reflective glass ensures glare is minimized. During the warmer months, folding doors can be opened wide, extending the poolside into the garden.

A freestanding orangery can accompany an uncovered pool with changing facilities, shower rooms and concealed pump housing. Alternatively, use it is a luxurious summer house; a place to relax and enjoy the mesmerizing sight of a flickering pool glistening with reflected sunlight.

Glass & Timber Pool House in Essex 1

Working With Contractors

At Westbury we fully appreciate the special requirements of a pool and are happy to offer our expert advice. We can provide a total swimming pool solution from start to finish or if you prefer, we can work alongside your own swimming pool contractor to create a stunning finished product suitable for year round enjoyment.

This section highlights the variety of glazed structures we are able to create.